Posted on Sep 19, 2019

Helmut Services

Join an Elite Mastermind Group!
Helmut Services -Leesburg VA

Every highly successful business owner I've ever known is in a Mastermind - a small, intimate group of entrepreneurs who act as thinking partners in each other’s success - collectively forming a powerful and transformative alliance that propels each member to a level of success most business owners will NEVER know.

This is not a new concept. Napoleon Hill, author of “Think & Grow Rich”, spent 2 decades researching the most successful people of his generation on the sponsorship of Andrew Carnegie (who was a billionaire at the start of 1900’s and employed 60 millionaires in his company). Hill found – without exception – that the ultra-successful elite, the Carnegie’s, Ford’s and Firestone’s et al., purposefully surrounded themselves with growth-orientated people who stretched, challenged and supported them within the unique power of a Mastermind process.

They were all members– people with a diverse array of knowledge, experience and wisdom who, by coming together on a regular basis, leveraged the power of the collective minds to dramatically accelerate the success of all concerned. IN doing so, a rich supply of astonishingly profitable ideas, solutions and innovative breakthroughs continually emerged that no member would generate alone.
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